Earlier in the month, KLab Inc. held its company-wide meeting for the first quarter of the fiscal year.

(The Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Okayama offices participated via video feed.)

The company-wide meeting is KLab’s chance to make each and every employee aware of the company’s vision and policy, while sharing the results from that quarter and the reasons for those results, comparing them with the goals set at the beginning of the term, and laying out future objectives.

The meeting began with CEO Hidekatsu Morita looking back on the results from FY 2019 Q1 and explaining future goals and objectives. He also announced a set of KLab Values.

The KLab Values are a new set of guiding principles that express the essence of what KLab is all about, and has been ever since the company was first founded.

After the CEO’s speech came individual presentations of results and goals for each department. Issues to work on and points of improvement for each team were clearly laid out  so all employees could be aware of what to work towards.

Next after the presentations, a set of fresh faces took to the stage! The employees who joined the company in April, all newly graduated from college just the month before, introduced themselves.

They’ve all now completed their trial runs at various departments within KLab and are ready to take their proper positions in the company. We have high hopes for their futures!

Then it was on to the KLab Awards, which regularly recognize exceptional achievements by KLab employees. The recipients of each award go up on stage and their manager explains why they were nominated.

The awards span a wide range, from “Creative Prize” to “Best Technology Prize” and “Planning Prize,” with one truly deserving individual or team winning the coveted #1 “CEO Prize” presented by the CEO himself.

This time, the lucky winner of the CEO Prize was...

Engineer Mr. I!

He’s a past KLab Awards recipient, and this time he snagged the best one of all, the CEO Prize!

He received the CEO Prize because of his accomplishment in speeding up the initial data download for the game he was working on, resulting in a much shorter waiting time for players.

We held a mini interview with him just for this blog!

PR: Congratulations on winning the award! Could you give us a comment?

Mr. I.: I received this award for my data download speedup solution, which I’ve actually been working on since two years ago. I had tried out a lot of different solutions, but kept missing out on the right timing to test it with an actual product. Finally the timing was right and I was able to implement it for a game release. I’m very satisfied that it’s working with no problems.

I’m very surprised that it was chosen for the CEO Prize.

I sort of went into a trance working it all out and then it got some interesting results which people praised, so I’m grateful that I was working in such a supportive environment.

We’re certainly very glad that Mr. I.’s years of hard work paid off. Thank you very much for your comments!

And Mr. I.’s accomplishments are just the beginning. The company-wide meeting acts to recognize the efforts of the many, many KLab employees who work day in and day out to make our games fun to play for everyone, and this time was no different!