KLabGames@TGS Shirt & iTunes Card Giveaway: Follow & Retweet for a Chance to Win

Event Period: Tuesday, October 25 to 6:00pm on Friday, November 3 (UTC+9)


Entering is easyall you have to do is be following the official KLab Twitter account (@KLab_EN) and retweet our giveaway tweet posted on October 25!* Five winners will receive a deluxe prize pack.

* Date shown may vary depending on your timezone.

Prize Pack (5 Available)

  • TGS KLabGames T-shirt (size medium, unisex)

  • $15 iTunes Card (valid in the US iTunes Store only)

  • KLabGames White Tote Bag

  • KLab Original Hot Eye Mask (2)

From among the applicants, five winners will be selected to receive the prize pack above. (Five winners on the Japanese side and five winners on the global side will be chosen.)

How to Enter

1. Follow the official KLab Twitter account, @KLab_EN

2. Retweet the giveaway tweet posted to the @KLab_EN account

Winner Notification

After the event period is over, the winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter.

(Please have direct messages on Twitter turned on. You must be following our account to receive the message.)

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Giveaway Winners

  • Winners will be chosen via drawing after the giveaway period ends.

  • Winners will be contacted via Twitter. In order to deliver the prizes, we ask that winners include their name, mailing address, and phone number as specified in the direct message received via Twitter.

  • Winners will be asked to respond by the date specified in the direct message. Winners will lose their eligibility to claim the prize if they do not respond by the specified date.

  • Prizes will only be sent once. If the prize cannot be sent for reasons attributable to the winner such as providing the wrong name, mailing address, or phone number, the winner will lose their eligibility to claim the prize. KLab will not be held liable in the event the winner cannot receive the prize, unless the incident occurred as an intentional act or negligence by KLab.

  • The right to claim the prize cannot be sold, lent, or otherwise transferred to a third party.

  • This giveaway is not an indication of any affiliation with Twitter.

Additional Terms

  • To be eligible to claim the prize, winners must be following the official KLab Twitter account (@KLab_EN).
    * Winners will not be eligible to claim the prize if they are not following the official KLab Twitter account (@KLab_EN) when they are contacted.

  • To enter the giveaway, retweet the tweet as specified in the giveaway details.

  • Tweets starting with “RT” will be not counted as an entry.

  • Participation for the giveaway is limited to one entry per Twitter account.

  • Entrants who modify their tweets (e.g., deleted hashtags and email addresses) will be disqualified.

  • Entrants who change their account name during the giveaway will not be eligible to enter.

  • Entrants who do not respond to the direct message within 8 days, or are unable to receive direct messages due to their Twitter settings will lose their eligibility to claim the prize.

  • We will be unable to respond to inquiries regarding this giveaway received via direct messages on Twitter.

  • If the page for the account you are following is not displayed properly, please try accessing the page again by logging in with your Twitter account.

  • We will be unable to respond to inquiries about prizes.


  • Please be notified that the giveaway details and prizes are subject to change or termination without prior notice.

  • For entrants who post a tweet on Twitter, KLab will not be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of the giveaway being canceled or terminated from any technical difficulties which affect the operating environment of Twitter-related apps.

  • KLab will not assume responsibility for any damages which occur to the entrant or any third party due to a post written by the entrant.

  • Entrants will be responsible for handling all mobile device and/or internet service charges that may apply when entering the giveaway.

  • We will be unable to respond to inquiries regarding the winners of this giveaway.