KLabGames made a splash at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017, held September 21-24, with its biggest booth ever! Thanks to everyone who came by the booth—it was bustling with activity from start to finish every day. Let’s dive in and review all the great things that happened at the booth day by day.

September 20, Day 0

Makuhari Messe was abuzz with staff and workers putting the finishing touches on the booths all throughout the cavernous halls. The KLabGames booth was no different, with rehearsals for the following day’s Latest News and Updates Presentation happening on the booth stage. The panelists and presenters devoted their full attention to making sure the presentation would go off perfectly.

September 21, Business Day 1

The KLabGames Latest News and Updates Presentation began with a countdown, then got underway! The presentation centered around three main pillars: Japanese IPs, Global Growth, and Original Creations. A large audience watched as KLabGames producers and special guests announced the latest news and new games.

Things kicked off with
Hidekatsu Morita, KLab Inc.’s Senior Managing Director and CGO, giving the opening remarks. He spoke about KLabGames up until now and the company’s enthusiasm for its upcoming 10th anniversary.

After that, during the Original Creations portion of the presentation, the new cross-media project between KADOKAWA and KLab was announced: Project PARALLEL. The news that JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment would produce the music for the project was revealed for the first time.

The next Original Creation to be discussed was Magatsu Wahrheit, as the creators of the game came onstage for a discussion and introduction to the game.

In the Global Growth portion, Matt and Mark of KLab Games Station took the stage to announce for the first time exciting new information about KLabGames’ upcoming global releases.

New information about KLab’s upcoming games based on well-recognized Japanese content was announced in the Japanese IPs portion of the event.

Business Day 1 finished with lots of interviews with press and reporters.

September 22, Business Day 2


KLab staff were able to relax with the big presentation completed the day before and devote their attention to the media and press visitors to the booth. As with the day before, those coming to the KLab booth could enjoy all of the special experiences available there, such as the opportunity to meet the men of Utano☆Princesama Shining Live by reaching out and touching virtually life-size displays of the characters to see them react. On the Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team side, visitors could try a VR experience as a goalie or enter the special grab bag to win prizes.

At the Celestial Craft Fleet area, cosplayers dressed as game characters as well as members of the Tenkura Girls group in Celestial Craft Fleet T-shirts passed out free clear files and posed for photos.

At noon the KLab Games Station team took over the live stream booth for a special TOKYO GAME SHOW Friday edition of their weekly live stream. In addition to the usual hosts Mark, Matt, and Alex, the two TGS Reporters contest winners Stephanie and Senen joined them to reveal exclusive new information about KLab games.

September 23, Public Day 1

On Saturday, the first day the general public could attend, Utano☆Princesama fans rushed the booth and tickets to line up for the Utano☆Princesama Shining Live experience were gone very quickly!

The big highlight of the day for international fans was surely the Bleach: Brave Souls Bankai Livestream@TGS2017, held at 4:00 pm.

September 24, Public Day 2

The last day of the show featured a humorous show hosted by Japanese celebrities and comedians, as well as a Fan Stage event where the KLabGames booth girls took the stage.

That wraps up our report of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017! Thank you to everyone who attended the booth and came out to support KLabGames, and we hope to see you next year whether in person or watching online via the live stream!