If you’re reading this, you probably already play one (or more!) of KLab’s games. However, you may not be so familiar with the day-to-day lives of the fine people of KLab who work behind the scenes to bring the magic to life.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight what is perhaps the most important part of KLab’s company culture—our undying passion for the undeniable thrill of racing go-carts on miniature outdoor tracks.


KLab looking good. Why does Hida-kun have a gun? No one knows.

Not too long ago, a small cadre of our bravest KLab team members put on their warmest clothes, risking their productivity and their Tuesday afternoons to race go-carts in mobile gaming news network App Get’s 6th Annual Cup.


KLab Energy Drinks and Blue Tea

We showed our support for this year’s race by donating a delicious supply of KLab’s original energy drinks and blue tea. Mmmmm, good taste.

You would think that this annual grand prix would birth a heated rivalry amongst the hottest companies in mobile gaming, but you would be wrong! On the day of the race, participants are separated into teams based on preliminary time trials. This well thought-out system gives people from other companies the chance to bond. Oh, the memories.


The hardest part about racing is waiting around.

The five teams that race in the Championship Cup are led by the five racers with the fastest individual times. Each team comes up with a fun and creative name before devising a plan for victory. The level of planning required at this point is largely debatable. Just go faster until you win.


So fast!


The awards ceremony was epic.


A Photo Finish

Huge shout-out to App Get for inviting us to race this year—please invite us again next year so that I can finally go. Keep up the good work!

You can check out App Get’s impressively thorough blog covering the race in detail here:

http://appget.com/c/news/218292/appgetcup-6/ (Excellent Japanese practice)