Fall is in the air and Halloween is just around the corner! For those of you who haven’t settled on a costume for this year, we may have just the thing for you: Bleach: Brave Souls’ very own Halloween Society! This Halloween-themed event is loaded with timely costume ideas and cosplaying Bleach characters. What better way to get in the mood for ghouls n’ ghosts than to dive into one of the hottest Halloween events going on right now!

Now till 11:59 pm on October 30 (Halloween Eve!)

Players earn event points for defeating enemies. For every 1,000 points, you get a spin of the ol’ lottery for a chance at fabulous prizes! The event also awards players with presents depending on the number of points earned.

Speaking of fabulous prizes, players who complete the event are guaranteed a 4-Star Uryu decked out in a fantabulous Dracula costume. The more points you earn, the better the prizes! This may very well be the best Halloween ever.

(Tip: The final prize is 20 Spirit Orbs for 600,000 points, but there’s MUCH more to this event than just Orbs!)

Looking Good, Getting Presents

The real prizes here are the Book of Secrets that can be acquired in the Halloween Society event. Until now, these highly-coveted tomes were only available as drops from Raids. Players who rack up enough points in this event will be able to get their hands on not one, but TWO books. Evolution Powders and Hogyoku are available as well, so you might want to start up the Accessory BBQ, because it’s gonna be a hot one!


Book of Secrets - I Wonder What’s Inside!

Ichigo awakes to find himself in an “upside down” version of Karakura Town. He and his friends have been transformed into whacky Halloween costumed-versions of themselves. It turns out they’ve been charged with the important tasking of protecting some special “Treasure” from the evil hands of the “Monster Hunters” who are also out to get Ichigo and his friends.

Legend foretells that the Treasure can grant the wishes of its bearer, even turning monsters back into their true human form. Naturally, Ichigo wants this Treasure for himself.

Players fight their way through nine stages, in which Franken Ichigo and Succubus Rukia meet up with Dracula Uryu, Wolfman Toshiro, a mummy (who thinks he’s a pirate?) Renji, and a witchy-looking Rangiku. Bleach fans can’t afford to miss this all-star cast of cosplaying characters!

The quests progress from NormalHardVery Hard. By the time you’ve cleared all three of the Hard missions, you’ve probably realized that Ichigo and Uryu’s dads are the Monster Hunters everyone’s up in arms about. A few missions later and you’ve trounced the baddies and walked away with a grab-bag of in-game loot.

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t stop there!

The thing that really makes the Halloween Society work is the Point System. Every time you beat a mission, you get a certain number of points. The harder the mission, the more baddies you fight and the more points you’ll earn.

Overall, this is one of the most generous events to be held in the game in a long time. Players who clear all the missions are rewarded with a dashing 4-Star Dracula Uryu, just in time for Halloween. That’s enough to put anyone in high Halloween spirits!

If you’re wondering what happens at the end of the story, you’ll have to play to find out for yourself!

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