After several hours of playing Bleach: Brave Souls, you’ve finally got your hands on a 5-star that’s evolvable into a 6-star character. Congrats! This fully-illustrated guide will walk you through the finer points of how to awaken your inner dragon. (Not sure if your 5-star can become a 6-star? Check out a detailed list of 6-star characters by going to the bottom of the News page > Strategy > Characters that can be Awakened, or go to Settings > Album > ☆6 for a quick glimpse of all the evolvable characters.) Here’s a checklist of everything you’ll need to turn your 5-star into a souped-up 6-star.

6-Star Starter Kit

1. A 5-star character that can be Awakened into a 6-star

2. Crystals and Coins for maxing out your 5-star’s Soul Tree

3. Enough Hogyoku to evolve your 5-star into a 6-star (varies per character)

4. Jewels and Coins for upgrading your 6-star’s Soul Tree

5. Specific 5-Star characters required for unlocking Skills on your 6-star’s Soul Tree

Getting Started

Only 5-star characters can be “Awakened” to 6-stars. Got a 4-star character you’re particularly attached to? Tough cookies. Only 5-stars can rank up at the moment. Anything else is destined to end their career as an afternoon snack or Character Link, dedicating their very existence to giving your first-string heroes the edge they need to take on the competition.

Lv. 1 5-Star Ichigo

Here we have a basic 5-star Ichigo. He’s still at Lv. 1, so let’s feed him some crunchy characters and delicious Crystals to level him up. 5-stars max out at Lv. 100, but that’s not enough to get where we’re going. In order to Awaken him (a.k.a. turn him into a 6-star), you need to upgrade his Soul Tree to 100% as well. That’s not always easy to do, but a little grinding goes a long way in Training Grounds. These should give you the Crystals you need to unlock your 5-star’s full potential.

Crystals vs. Jewels

Crystals are for upgrading 1- to 5-star character Soul Trees and can be easily earned from Urahara’s Training Ground, while Jewels are used for upgrading 6-star Soul Trees and can be easily earned from Yoruichi’s Training Ground.

Max Out Your Lv. 100 5-Star’s Soul Tree

Let’s grab that last Soul Trait to max out Ichigo and start our journey into the wonderful world of 6-stars. You know you’re doing it right when you see “EVOLVE” appear where “SOUL TREE” used to be on the character info screen. Tap the “EVOLVE” button to Awaken Ichigo.

Do the Evolution!

It costs 3 Hogyoku (obtainable via in-game events or as rewards for beating quests) to Awaken Ichigo. After a flashy little CGI sequence, you’ll be rewarded with a shiny new 6-star.

The Hazards of 6-Star Soul Trees

The more observant among you will note that Ichigo is now helpless as a newborn babe. He may be a 6-star, but he starts off at Lv. 1 with a 0% Soul Tree.

Lv. 1 6-Star Ichigo

A word about 6-star Soul Trees―you’ll notice a few nodes with the word “SKILL” on them. While they do sound promising, they are by far the most challenging part of upgrading 6-star characters. Unless you’ve been clearing Raids like a machine for the past few weeks, you probably won’t have the characters you need to open these gates. It’s cool. Start small. Use the Jewels you’ve been hoarding to get your 6-star Ichigo into ship-shape. Jewels are pretty easy to get by clearing Yoruichi’s Training Grounds.

6-star characters also come with a unique element―Killers. Killer stats add a distinct advantage, based on each character’s Affiliation in the Bleach universe. In addition to basic Power, Technique, Speed, Heart, and Mind stats, characters are divided into different groups, such as Arrancar or Soul Reaper. Killers are special abilities that give 6-star characters an advantage over certain other characters. For example, Ichigo’s Captain Killer ability gives him an edge over Byakuya and other characters with the Captain Affiliation.

Turn That 6-Star Zero into a Hero

Don’t forget to go to the Ascension tab and feed your baby 6-Star a bunch of characters to raise his level cap to 120. Remember that feeding your Ichigo another Ichigo (regardless of type or number of stars) will give him a handy bonus.

All That Glitters Is a 6-Star

Ichigo is starting to look pretty buff. You’ll notice, however, that Lv. 120 6-star Ichigo is in some respects weaker than the maxed-out 5-star version. Don’t worry. The best is yet to come.

Lv. 120 6-Star Ichigo


Tap any Skill node on your 6-star’s Soul Tree to find out what characters you need to unlock it. The good news is, the characters you need can all be acquired as drops for clearing Raids. You can tackle these super-challenging quests by yourself or with friends in Co-Op mode. The following screenshots were taken from Raids cleared in single-player mode.

Raids Are Hard and Shiny. Like Diamonds.

Raids switch out every 24 hours, so the amount of time you can devote to any one Raid is somewhat limited. Raids also come in 4-star (Extreme Quests) and 5-star (Ultimate Quests) varieties. 4-star Raids aren’t that hard. And by that I mean after grinding away at 5-star Ultimate Quests for a few days, you can probably beat 4-star Raids with your eyes closed. That’s because 5-Star Ultimate Quests are the hardest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Check the Quest Details of each Raid to make sure it offers the character drop you need to power up your 6-star’s Soul Tree. 6-star Ichigo needs 5-star Byakuya’s from the Byakuya Kuchiki Raid to advance his Soul Tree, so we’re going to focus our efforts on these bad boys.

Take What You Can When You Can

5-star single-player Raids come in two types: Expert and Legend. Expert is the easier of the two. Most of the baddies are around Lv. 80, which is still pretty tough. Legend is full of Lv. 100 baddies that mean business. Beating a Legend Raid without dying is an admirable feat. Most run-throughs take around 10 minutes, so bring a snack.

Expert Raids offer less lavish rewards. Legend Raids are harder, but come with a higher chance of getting your hands on the specific character you need to advance your 6-star’s Soul Tree. Here are a few screenshots of the rewards you’ll be seeing on both Expert and Legend Raids.

Feels Good!

I got my first 5-star Byakuya drop on my third Legend clear. We’re going to take this 5-star Byakuya and immediately plug him into Ichigo’s Soul Tree to make the magic happen. The Skill we’re going to unlock first is called “Sprinter.” It only requires one Byakuya. Sprinter increases the number of Flash Steps that Ichigo takes when you swipe your finger on the screen to help him dodge (or just get to the next screen slightly faster).

You’re Doing It!

Lather, rinse, and repeat this process until you’ve unlocked all of the Skills on your Soul Tree. Some Skills require more than one character to unlock. Once you get your 6-star Soul Tree fully upgraded, you’ll be ready for anything. Well, almost anything. 5-star Ultimate Quests are still a challenge even with maxed-out 6-stars.

Here’s a quick run-down on our maxed-out 6-Star Ichigo. His defensive values (STA and DEF) are a bit higher than before, and he packs SIGNIFICANTLY more punch (ATK and SP) than his 5-star predecessor. An important thing to note is that not only are your offensive stats now much higher, but Ichigo has also learned the following special Skills:

Sprinter: Increased number of Flash Steps

Havoc: Increased strong attack area-of-effect

Bombardment: Increased number of Special Move hits

Blast Zone: Increased Special Move area-of-effect

Devastation: Increased Special move damage

Adrenaline: Increased normal attack speed

You should be pleasantly surprised at how well your new hard-hitting Ichigo performs in your next Raid. Time to head over to Co-Op and show off your shiny new 6-star to the world!

Lv. 150 6-Star Ichigo